Bringing people together since 2001.

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We Are IDN
Infinite Dating Network - formerly known as Infinite Media

We are a digital dating network providing a safe environment for our members to find and meet each other. So far our network has allowed over 3M people to connect in the UK and North America. We are based in Luxembourg however we have teams and locations all over Europe.

Dating Sites

Our network consists of 35 unique dating websites and apps, operating in different niches and locations.

Unique Platforms

We currently have 5 bespoke platforms that seemlessly interconnect to form our network.

Active Members

Across our network we currently have more that 1,200,000 active members however we have helped over 3M people connect via our various websites.

What We Do

Connect people in a safe and secure environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a secure global network for members to find and meet each other easily and safely. Our sites and platforms integrate to form the IDN network.

Our Team

We were founded in 2001 and since then our team has changed and grown but we still maintain a tight-nit team of coders, designers and engineers working together to produce new products and maintain existing ones.

Get In Touch

Contact us for partnerships & acquisition or for general enquiries.